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We would like to invite you to a traditional Shamanic Initiation with Francesco “Tsunki” de Giorgio, Uwishín – Shaman in the Shuar tradition – coming to the Netherlands on the occasion.

Tsunki has long lived together with the Shuar (Jíbaro) people in the Amazon jungle. He was an apprentice of the great Uwishín Vicente Júa and he is the only one whom his master transmitted his Powers to, before reuniting with his ancestors – he was over one hundred years old. Tsunki spends every year some months in wild and powerful natural places, to find ancestral wisdom and bring it to the West.

When he doesn't travel, he does shamanic healings, teaches and gives workshops.

The ceremony is going to be performed in a natural place in the Netherlands on 19-20 of May 2018. The exact location will be communicated via email (see below).

During a beautiful night, after due preparation, you will experience the healing Power of Natém – Ayahuasca in Shuar language – under the expert guidance of the Shaman. Tsunki will initiate you to one of the most sacred plants on Earth, precious ally of the Amazonian Shamans and teacher from other worlds.

The price for the entire weekend (1 night), including the initiation to the sacred plant, meals, and accommodation is €220 per person - with a deposit of €100 for the registration. The deposit is part of the €220, so you will pay the remaining €120 at the ceremony. In case of no-show, the deposit will not be refunded.

Would you like to join?

Write to: .

We will provide you with more information, how to prepare for the ceremony and the payment details.

To subscribe you are required to send a deposit of 100 euros before the 6th of May 2018, through the following PayPal account:

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