Tsunki, April 9, 2020 - Transcription of the video Pásuk and Shamanic Powers

[Brief background information: due to the situation caused by the current Covid-19’s pandemic, Tsunki decided to start shooting some videos (in Italian) to help people of his community and who else is looking at them, with comments on what is happening, how we could better react and which messages Mother Nature is sending us. He also told about shamanic visions where he encountered the Spirit of the virus. In this transcription, Tsunki is instead speaking about Shamanic Powers and Spirit Helpers]

Buenos días!

I had already shot a version of this video, but my Spirit Helpers, which is exactly what we are talking about now, my Pásuk, as they are called in the Shuar language, wanted me to change it, pointing out other important things.

Now, I realize that things I said in the video last night, the one about the negotiation with Nimur the Panther, can baffle someone who looks at me. This is because it may seem strange that a shaman thinks he can change even big things about this reality by going to another reality. Oh yes, I understand! In fact in the modern world if you describe shamanism and use shamanism as a form of psychology to help people, to make them stay more in balance with nature, more in balance with the cosmos and with themselves, to make them feel better, then shamanism becomes acceptable, it can be cleared through customs, because it is accepted by the scientific mentality. Otherwise if he thinks he can actually modify material reality and not just personal perceptions, then this seems anti-scientific and delusive, and which sounds absurd.

Now, yes, I am very sorry in the sense that if you believe that shamanic power can only change your personal well-being, your psyche, your perceptions then it only does this. As I said, it's all about trusting power or not trusting power. On the other hand, if one can believe that he can modify reality, he will also modify reality. You see this sounds undoubtedly unscientific, I'm very sorry. Actually, it is not unscientific, simply shamanism lies outside of science. It deals with things in which science has no jurisdiction. Who has a Taliban view of science, that is that science has jurisdiction over everything, then obviously cannot believe it. Clear! By [saying] this I do not mean that shamans are somehow all-mighty or super powerful.

We simply have Spirits Helpers, beings, who allow us to access the other reality and do certain things. As if in New York there is a nice toy that everyone here is interested in because if they get it, they’ll have a better life, but nobody can go to New York and get it. The shaman is someone who has a plane by which he can fly to New York. The plane is not even his own, but he can make use of it and therefore, by finding the fuel - and this is always a problem for shamans, for this reason shamans are always looking for power to be able to power the plane - the shaman will fly to New York. As a shaman he has a map, he can go to the place where the toy is. Yeah, definitely, shamans do have maps! The maps of the Other Reality are maps being inherited in large part and in a much smaller part we [shamans] expand them through our experience and then we transmit them to subsequent shamans. This does not mean that it is granted that I can get that toy, because maybe there are other people who want to take it and there can be some competition and therefore you can succeed or not.

Furthermore, it is quite important to know that shamans cannot use Spirit Helpers’ powers for example to become rich and famous. This is because spirits don't care about you getting rich. Spirits, I said, are forces of nature or cosmic forces that have an interest, for reasons we do not understand, to direct events in one way rather than another, both in the life of a very small group of people - such as a family - and nation-wide. Obviously, they don't give a damn to help me make a lot of money. Furthermore, there is an ethical issue: shamans can only act for the good of their community and not for personal interests. Of course we can be financed in our work, this because the labourer is worthy of his hire, and also because obviously when someone like me does it full time, when one is very busy, at the moment I am especially busy recording videos, but apart from that I spend a lot of time in the study of the interpretation of dreams that I try to spread to some people hoping that they will then spread it in turn. This study takes me a lot of time, so obviously since I have to eat and pay for a lot of house expenses, etc., spirits admit, indeed they also encourage me to be financed. I get paid piece by piece, but nothing more than that.

We can't even make someone else rich and famous, because spirits don't care about this in the slightest. We can sometimes change a person's life; we can do it if the person has confidence in the Power. More than trust in the shaman, he must have confidence in the Power, which acts through a shaman. This can change a person's life also physically, but he must have a lot of confidence in the Power and then it can be done.

Other times, in many conditions, we can't do anything. Here, shamanism is this. Very little clearable in a situation of Taliban vision of science. There is no doubt about this.

I would also like to say another thing, shamanic terminology can sometimes seem a little naïve and imaginative. This is actually a bit of a fantastic terminology. Spirit Helpers can be a term that sounds strange to modern people. It is a very ancient term and of course I adopt it because it has always been used. Perhaps if shamanism had been born today, other more suggestive terms for this era would have been invented here. But these terms are translations because in reality, in fact, shamans do what they can do thanks to their Spirit Helpers, but these Spirit Helpers in Shuar language are actually called Pásuk, a rather obscure name that actually in the current, common language, means spider. Except that these shaman's Pásuk appear very rarely as spiders. Sometimes they appear as animals, but they can change appearance from animal to person and more often they appear as people and frequently as children. Um, yeah, like kids.

So why are they called Pásuk? Why are they called spiders?

They are called spiders, you see, because they can crawl on the invisible web behind this reality, the web of power that influences what’s going to happen here. This web resembles a spider’s web, precisely because it is almost invisible if it is not struck by light from a certain angle. The Pasuk, how can I put this, the Pásuk know which thread on this web to pull to move something even very far away and they also know which threads to step on so as not to get caught in a trap, because as it happens on spider’s webs, the spider knows which threads are not sticky, so it only crawls on them, because he would get stuck like a fly if stepping on the others. This is what may happen to those who do a bit of do-it-yourself shamanism, who get entangled in some traps. Shamans do not get tangled up because our Pásuk know how to move smoothly and we know how to communicate with the Pásuk.

This is a big issue, among other things, Pásuk speak a different language. They can also speak our own, but there are often problems because there may be translation errors. I would also like to clarify another thing. The Pásuk do not exist to be assistants to shamans: the Pásuk are powerful beings who belong to arcane power flows and who exist on their own. Then some of them, in very old times, made alliances with humans. Because Spirits are very easy to move in their world, but they need the help of men to act in our world, just because men are here. That’s again the usual business of being able to go to New York: if one is in New York, it's okay. So, they need men to do certain things and that’s why they made alliances with humans. These alliances are with shamans. These types of alliances are hereditary, not in a familiar sense, but in a shamanic sense. A shaman passes on alliances with his Pásuk to the shaman whom he names in his place as successor. This [new shaman] will do it in turn in the future and therefore these alliances are carried forward. Furthermore, each shaman can make new alliances with new Pásuk.

In addition, another thing must be added, the Pásuk exist by themselves, then some become allies and helpers of shamans. Here, this was important enough to be said again. I think that's enough for this video. In the next video I’ll tell you about the third encounter I had with the Spirits of the epidemic.

Gracias a todo el mundo.

Buenos días.



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