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In a very old Shuar myth the shaman of that story at one point says” A shaman can’t live without a community”. That  is definitely true. The reasons are multiple and profound. 


A shaman masters the journeys in the Other Reality to bring power, wisdom and healing here. Nevertheless, in the Other Reality, is clear what really counts: the flowing of the power. The Universe is permeated by a web with infinte wires that run in all the directions, with infinite crossings. A particular mix of crossing crates a not, this not is what we call individual and in general a being (definitions are always limited). If the power stagnates in the not is like water that doens’t flow, it gets spoiled. Therefore is Good Medicine to cultivate the circulation of the power between a circle, a community, that can also expand far away to other beings, because everything is connected. 


Shamanism involves a community, a circle. When the power circulates, it multiplies itself and it can create wonderful things in front of our eyes.  


The Shaman Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio gave life to our community several years ago, around 2000. He started healing people and teaching the basis of the Shuar Shamanic Tradition. The times were becoming mature to teach in depth the hidden knowledge, the totally different vision of the world, without the embroideries and the fantasies and the New Age movements, very popular at the turn of the new Millennium. The students were guided in the necessary personal experience with Spirits, experiences of transformation and learning. 


People that were going further in the shamanic pratices started to learn the techniques and the secrets of the Shamanic Healing Way, creating a core of the community. The training was demanding: it requires discipline, courage, intent, dedication in order to win the necessary challanges to acquire and manage the Power. We will speak about this training in a dedicated article. 


Beside these courses, open Drum Circles  were given to offer to everybody the chance to encounter the Shuar tradition. Furthermore, for the most important rituals that need a powerful and wild natural environment, the shaman was bringing people in travels in remote areas of the world, such as in the Amazon of Ecuador or in the Rainforest and other wild places in Australia. 



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