Healing has always been one of the main tasks of the shaman. In traditions scattered all around the world, shamans have been journeying to other realities to receive from Spirits power and teachings needed to heal the members of their communities and provide them with guidance.


Modern men have learned to distinguish among different classes of diseases, however for the shaman there are no differences between physical, mental and spiritual ones. Their eyes look directly into a deep and still undifferentiated layer of reality, where everything originates from. It is a realm where there are no (or not yet) physical, biological, psychical laws, but only laws of existence. Precisely because their technique is so profound and absolute, shamanic healing is very powerful.

The shamanic vision of illness is very simple: the disease is caused by a loss of something (power, vital essence ...) or by the intrusion of something extraneous in our bodies. All other causes can be traced back to either one or both.


A disease in the eyes of the shaman can involve body, psyche and spirit together as these distinctions are superficial.

So what we usually consider as multiple diseases or ailments can be a single disease.


This view goes far beyond the orthodox concept of psychosomatic illness. Psychosomatic diseases do not exist, because the distinction between psyche and body is fictitious: the psyche is not only in the brain, but in every part of the body (e.g. the self-assertion power flows in the solar plexus) and every part of the body has his soul. (Tsunki)



Amazonian traditional healing: mainly focused on extraction healing (Chupada) with the use of Tséntsak (shamanic powers). This type of therapies and uses of different Tséntsak are focused on extracting dangerous intrusions from the body, which are called Wáwek and are cause of various diseases and disorders. Examples of these can be acute or chronic inflammatory states, infections, intestinal disorders, disorders of the urinary tract and genital organs menstrual pain, infertility, skin diseases, mental tension, obsessions, bad luck, and many other types of diseases.

Soul retrieval: fragments of the soul can get lost or even get kidnapped by people or spirits: This shamanic technique is performed in traditions scattered all over the world and when performed successfully has an immediate and strong impact on people’s lives. The loss of these fragments is cause of chronic diseases of varying severity, depression, dissatisfaction and incompleteness, lack of direction and focus, inability to successfully accomplish one's goals, inclination to addictions to drugs, other substances, sex, and also addiction to other people (to the kidnapper, when this is the case).

Care, recovery and replacement of the hands: a special kind of soul care and soul retrieval. Hands manage many important powers in our lives: they are connected to the ability to accomplish goals, to realise projects and ambitions, they have power of assertiveness, command, and discipline. But hands are also connected to love and care, and a damage or loss of the hands’ soul can hinder love and the ability to cultivate a successful and satisfying relationship. 

Depossession: this healing technique is performed when a patient is possessed by a spirit. This is a very difficult and dangerous practice for the healer, and it requires great experience and power. A possessing spirit can be the soul of a dead person, and in this case,  it must be accompanied to the Land of the Dead. In other cases, the possessing spirit usually comes from the Underworld. It must be captured and brought back in a deep level of the Underworld, in order to stop it coming back to its victim.

Shamanic heart healing, heart cut and heart transplant: our heart can be affected by different disorders, which are cause of cardio-circulatory diseases, problems in emotional and familiar relationship, emotional detachment, coldness, addiction, and general failure or bad luck. In extreme cases, the heart must be transplanted, hence the healer travels in the worlds to find a spirit who is willing to donate a new heart for the patient.

Healing of the kidneys: this technique works on the kidneys, which manage different powers in our lives. It is from the kidneys that comes the ability to conquer and expand a prosperous territory, the ability to find a partner, virile power for males and fecundity for woman. In and out the kidneys flows a river, which is a fundamental flow of power that occasionally gets more or less obstructed by different obstacles.

Remote healing: when a patient is unable to move or even resident in another continent, Spirit Helpers are supporting remote healing. The techniques used are the same described above, but the healer travels in a shamanic journey to the patient for performing the healing. In normal conditions it is absolutely not recommended to ask for a remote healing. If the patient is affected by laziness or wants to save the money needed for the travel, Spirit Helpers will behave accordingly!

Retrieval of the Animal of Power and other Spirit Allies: people can lose their Animal of Power or other Spirit Allies due to traumatic events and a shamanic intervention is needed to bring them back.

Limpieza or shamanic cleansing: general cleansing and rebalancing of the spiritual body from all types of entities that remain attached around us, causing general malaise, discomfort, obsessions. This type of entities does not go deep enough to be called an intrusion, so the extraction type explained above is not necessary.

Tsunki’s oracle: foresee the future with the power of the Tséntsak and of the stones.

Psychopomp - guiding the souls of the dead: one of the task of shamans and experiences healers is that of the psychopomp, hence guiding the soul of the dead who got lost and are not able to reach the Land of the Dead.

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