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The drum circle is a meeting of people that practice shamanism and create a shamanic community, like in the native cultures.

In the traditional shamanism the shaman  often operates and heals with the support of the entire community that actively participate to the rituals. 

The members of the community are not all shamans, but they share the same vision of the world, the same cosmovision. They have as weel alliances with some of the Spirits closed to the Shaman and they can travel in Other Worlds.

From the shamanic community can emerge new shamans and healers (curanderos) for which the work in the community is a foundamental part of the apprenticeship. 


The existence of a shamanic community, the shared experience of common Spirits, the communitary rituals and the travels in Other Worlds contribute to make these Spirits more “real” in our reality and boost extraordinarily their Power.

Withour a community , the power of the Shamans, tends to be lower. 



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