Snowy Woodland Trees


The relationship between our civilisation and nature is facing an unprecedented crisis. The balance of our coexistence with the natural world is deeply disrupted resulting in serious environmental destruction, such as the disappearance of habitats and the loss of biodiversity, but also in a disconnection of people from nature.

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Nevertheless, I could not transcend a fundamental aspect of shamanism: the real knowledge comes from experience. For this reason, whilst writing this thesis I let experiences speak for themselves. You can find many direct accounts of practitioners telling about rituals, shapeshifting, travels in other worlds, dialogues with spirits and other beings, and so on. People interviewed describe how the shamanic practices, they renewed connection to nature and new worldview affected and changed their spiritual and practical lives.

Shamanism is absolutely embedded into nature and it cultivates deep and conscious relationships with spirits, beings and forces who inhabit it. This relationship stimulate durable emotional bonds and a greatly increased respect for nature. Shamanic practitioners develop a new empathy for all the form of life and a more responsible and committed behaviour towards nature.

Many years of shamanic apprenticeship with my master Tsunki have thought me in depth this and I wanted to share such an important knowledge with a broader audience. Hence, I  have dedicated my master thesis on researching the role of shamanic rituals in reconnecting people with nature (MSC Forests and Nature Conservation - Wageningen University and Research).

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