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My name is Marco Tuna Daldoss Pirri, I have been apprentice of the Uwishín (Shuar Shaman) Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio since 2010, who in turn has been apprentice of the Uwishín  Vicente Júa and officially became Shaman in the year 2001.


In 2015 I have been recognised as a Shuar traditional shamanic healer and I am still continuing my apprenticeship to become a Shaman. 


I have been caught by the interest for shamanism when I was very young; I grew up in a small village in the Alps and I have always been in contact with nature. When I was a kid, I was often running away from home to spend time alone in the forest, which I always felt to be my place. At that time nobody could teach me shamanism, nor I had the faintest idea of what it was, but thanks to the books of my father, who is an archaeological scholar, I met the ancient spiritual traditions of the Aborigenee of Australia and of the Lakota from North America. When I was 19, I started to feel an inner fire, a sort of struggle, that was pushing me to search for something, especially for a deeper meaning in things. I tried to find the answer in nature, on the mountains, in philosophy, but I was feeling that something was precluded to me and I wanted to know what. 


Finally,  through a bizarre set of coincidences, such as night dreams with shamanic elements and, eventually, a friend of mine informing me of the presence of a shaman not too distant from where I was living, I met my master. With him I approached the world of the Shuar shamanism and he taught me this shamanic way.  Since then, I’ve been constantly working with him and we travelled in wild remote places of the world in search of power for the most important ritual of the Shuar tradition. 


In the meanwhile I finished a MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation, graduating with a thesis entitled “Spirituality, connection to nature, and the role of shamanic rituals”, which has the purpose to show with an academic perspective the influence of shamanism in the way Western people connect (or re-connect) with Nature. 


Now, after some years travelling in various countries and continents, I can settle down for a bit, around Berlin (Germany). It is time for me to teach shamanism to other people and in doing so I will collaborate with my master, who will lead some of the shamanic works that I will organise at Shaman’s Nature. I am also offering my service as a shamanic healer and anyone that feels in need of help is welcome to contact me.


My master received the task to bring back shamanism to Western people, to create shamanic communities to help our people reconnecting with Spirits and with Nature. I will bring forward this task and  together, we will learn to journey the Other Reality, to see Spirits and to cultivate relationship with them in order to heal, to acquire wisdom and power to build a healthy life for us and for our community and in general for every being connected by the same "circle". 


You are very welcome to join us in this adventure!


Kakáram ajastá


(“courage and strength” - traditional Shuar greeting)

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