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Shamanic training: The Souls of the Organs

A first step into an unexplored jungle 

(Berlin, 26 October 2019)

Shamanism is the world's oldest spiritual pathway.
It has neither laws nor temples: it is based simply on journeying into the Other Reality and encountering Spirits, without any intermediaries. It is an ancient way in which medicine, magic and mysticism are inextricably merged. Their techniques are so old and fundamental that they're quite similar all over the world, used by peoples as far apart as the Amazonian Indians and the Australian aboriginals. These same techniques can be used today in modern societies and they're still as powerful as they have been for over 30,000 years.

Shamanism is not a system of beliefs, or a philosophy, or a theory about the world. It isn't a religion either, as usually intended. It is just the natural, immediate way of seeing the world, the attitude we had when we were children, before Western education repressed it. Shamanism is experience. There is not theoretical understanding of things, there are not lectures! People are simply exposed to a wide range of events, encounters, adventures, tests, circumstances. For instance, the meeting with spirits follows the same procedure and what remains is a direct impression of them.  


What will we do?


The Western culture gives enormous power to the mind and rational thinking. As a consequence, the rest of our body has lost importance and is not any more central in our consciousness. Our elders, in their wisdom, used sentences such as “My Heart is telling me…” or “His liver is full of anger!”, because they knew that organs are conscious, with feelings, emotions, desires. In fact, Shamans in all traditions know and have always been saying that each of our organs has a soul. Contrary to what most of the religions say - that we have only one indivisible soul - Shamans experience that we have many! But we have lost the connection with them and their Power.

The souls of our body work like an orchestra: the main consciousness, the one that says “I”, is the director, while all the instruments are played by the several souls that dwell in (or run through) our body. You can imagine what would happen if a director didn’t have any musician: no music! In the same way, our egocentric perspective causes our lives to be arid and sterile, banishing the impulses and movements of the various souls and denying their real importance.

This will be an introductory ritual during which I, Marco Tuna- apprentice of Tsunki, a Shaman of the Shuar tradition - will teach how we can silence our mind in order to reconnect to the souls of the organs, using particular techniques. We will experience how the different organs manage different aspects in our lives and how to activate a specific soul when a situation requires a particular Power. In this way, it will be possible to give a voice to our souls again and free our lives from the unilaterality of the mind. We will also experience that by repressing the soul of an organ we can cause the malfunction of the organ itself and, if prolonged, it will turn into disease. Restoring the connection to our souls is the first step toward healing our organs and our lives, and it will reveal forgotten Powers.


In the evening, there will be a shamanic healing session, during which you can receive a Shamanic Heart Healing or a Limpieza - a traditional purification of the spiritual body.

 The ritual includes the following aspects:


  • We will start with a traditional greeting of the Spirits of the Directions, Grandfather Sky and Mother Earth; also called Spirits of the Winds, which influence our lives in a deeper way than what we would expect. 

  • You will be introduced to the Shuar tradition, looking at their lifestyle, how this is completely intertwined with the shamanic practice, and how they influence each other. 

  • You will learn about Shuar mythology; myths are part of every ancient tradition and also in the Shuar one they have a central role. You will see how myths are carrying power through the time. 

  • We will practice a first shamanic exercise, in which we will identify where our consciousness is located inside the body and learn how to move it in other parts of the body. 

  • We will practice some shamanic techniques to expand our consciousness to the entire body and outside of it, to the natural environment;

  • You will learn which Powers come from the different souls of the organs;

  • You will learn how to get in contact with the soul of a particular organ to free its Power according to the necessity of a situation of our life;

  • You will learn how the natural environment can nourish our organs and we will practice an ancient ritual with the Spirits that live in the Trees;

  • We will also have a light lunch prepared as the Shuar people do, good to purify our body and have more clear and powerful visions (please let me know if you have any allergies).

  • After the ceremony is finished - at about 18 o'clock - I will offer some healing sessions. You are invited to stay longer, as the group increases the healing power of the shamanic work. 


Cost of participation


82 Euros (including location, lunch and shamanic healing for those that require it)


Date and Location

The ritual will begin at 10 o’clock on Saturday morning, October 26, and last until approximately 20 o'clock.
It is going to be conducted in a natural area just outside Berlin West, at about 15 minutes from Spandau. We will communicate the exact location to the subscribed participants.

For further information, feel free to contact me by email or phone:

Phone: +49 1722758674

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