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Healing has always been one of the main tasks of the shaman. In traditions scattered all around the world, shamans have been journeying to other realities to receive from Spirits power and teachings needed to heal the members of their communities and provide them with guidance.

Modern men have learned to distinguish among different classes of diseases, however for the shaman there are no differences between physical, mental and spiritual ones. Their eyes look directly into a deep and still undifferentiated layer of reality, where everything originates from. It is a realm where there are no (or not yet) physical, biological, psychical laws, but only laws of existence. Precisely because their technique is so profound and absolute, shamanic healing is very powerful.


With these words, my Master Tsunki introduced fundamental aspects of shamanic healing. In this online conference we will see with more detail how shamanic healing works and which kind of shamanic healing is traditionally used among the Shuar people of the Amazon.


In particular, during the session we will see:

  • How diseases in different part of the body are deeply interconnected;

  • How causality is actually determined by secret and deep laws of existence; hence, how diseases have a source, a cause and a meaning;

  • What spiritual intrusions are and how they are healed with the shamanic extraction healing (the powerful technique of the Chupada – sucking out the illness);

  • Possession and depossession;

  • Soul loss and soul retrieval;

  • Loss of personal power, loss of a Spirit Ally and how the recovery is performed

  • Loss or damage of the hands

  • Shamanic heart healing


This online meeting is purely introductory and has the purpose of giving the chance to a broader audience to familiarise with the amazonian traditional shamanic healing. We will not teach any shamanic technique, but we will only describe them and present some examples of illnesses that we have cured over the past years.

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We are happy to welcome our friend and shamanic healer Alessandro Mayu Tuntíak as a speaker at this conference.

You can read below a brief biography of him:

Engineer and student of Tsunki since 2007, Mayu lives in Holland. Since beginning his Shamanic studies, he has followed Tsunki’s drum circles and traveled to remote tropical rainforest, including the Shuar territory in the Amazon, in order to encounter the Power of the Jungle. In 2015, he became a curandero according to the Amazonian Shuar tradition.

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