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The current pandemic has left many of us disoriented. In time of crisis, securities can be washed away, but beautiful possibilities arise contemporaneously. A crisis brings people to a crossing; it is our own choice to redirect the flow of our lives towards a certain direction.

We want to organise the ritual of the Medicine Wheel right after the potential end of this lockdown, to help people restarting their lives with a new direction, a renewed spirit and enhanced consciousness.

We often hear people wondering which direction they should take, which way they should walk through. The knowledge of various native populations of North-America teaches to start a step before, which is to find out in which direction your life is going in the present moment. This knowledge is symbolised by and finds its material representation in the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is the cycle of life and death, the dance between the different phases of life, birth-death and re-birth. The Medicine Wheel represents also that interconnectedness between all beings of the universe, the place where everything is linked, therefore also the place of union between humans and nature. It is further home of the Spirits of the Directions, also called the Spirits of the Winds, which rule over the seasons and the stages of life.

In this Drum’s Circle (as we call the meetings of our shamanic community), through the ancient knowledge of the Medicine Wheel that our Master Tsunki taught us many years ago, we will seek a vision that will show us in which “place” we are, discovering the meaning of the position and the Power that comes from it. We will learn how the Directions influence several aspects of our lives: birth and death, yield and famine, health and sickness. Consulting the Wheel, we will receive advice for future choices, for the solution of a trouble, and for healing.

At the end, after we will have understood the vision of each of the participants, there will be the chance for those of you who are in need of it to receive a shamanic healing and a “Limpieza”, a shamanic technique for the cleansing of soul and body.



What will we do?

The Drum’s Circle will involve the following steps:


- We will start with a traditional greeting of the Spirits of the Directions, Grandfather Sky and Mother Earth, also called Spirits of the Winds, which influence our lives in a deeper way than we would expect.


- We will understand more specifically the Spirits of the Directions and their Powers, which are the guardians of the Medicine Wheel.


- We will learn which animals, colours and elements are associated to the different Directions and how we can ask for their help according to which situation we are facing.


- We will prepare for the Medicine Wheel with simple shamanic visions supported by Spirits of Nature.


- We will learn the ancient breathing technique of the seven cycles for purification and for the alteration of the consciousness; this will favour the interaction with Spirits that want to help us.


- We will learn how to build the Ring of the four Winds for asking the help of the Spirits of the Directions.


- We will build together a communitarian Medicine Wheel and, guided by the sound of the Drum, we will start the vision.


- We will share our experiences and understand their meaning together.


- We will learn how to build a small Medicine Wheel by ourself.


As anticipated before, there will be a healing session for those participants that are in need of a shamanic healing or a “Limpieza”, shamanic cleansing. This is a very important element of our ceremony: it will be the chance for you to witness different techniques of shamanic healing and the power of the circle, of all of you, will support the healing itself.


The Medicine Wheel is a shamanic work that fits with all levels of preparation in the shamanic practice, therefore is also a great chance to explore this world. I personally first met my master Tsunki during a similar ritual.


Additional important information!

The number of participants is currently limited to only ten participants, as this will ensure that even if social distancing will remain enforced, we will conduce the ritual according to norm. This number will allow us to keep consistent distance.

Please register to the online event here:


Subscribed participants will receive an email with indication on how to prepare and what to bring to the ritual.

The ritual will take place in Volkspark Rehberge and we will meet at the entrance in front of Goethepark. Please come a bit earlier; you will find us there starting from 14:00 o'clock.


Animo y fuerza


Marco Tuna Daldoss Pirri

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