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In an historic period in which our society is loosing its roots, culture, old principles and values, replaced by the neoliberalism era that promoted business and economy as new gods, we belief that ancient traditions with their knowledge play an extremely important role. They developed for thousands of years accordingly to the wisdom of the forces of nature and the contact with other realities. 

Wind of changes are around and all changes imply the death of the actual situation. It is always good medicine to have new seeds, as alternatives before the end of the old. That is what we want to do, prepare new seeds ready to germinate.


This road can help people to manage their lives, along and throughout a more healthy, passionate, challenging path to discover again what we have forgot and share the new power, the new love and the new light found. 


We are sharing the wisdom and the power of the shamanism developed by Shuar people, a Native Tribe from Amazon, located in the Eastern part of Ecuador. The Uwishin (the shaman) Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio became shaman under the guidance of Vicente Jua and created the community  (Il Tamburo dello Sciamano - The Drum of the Shaman) that since 2000 reunited shamanists from Italy and nearest countries. We decided that is time to share our work with a broader audience and we want to create new shamanic communities. 


Power is not a tool to be stronger over others but as a gift that the individual brings to its community; shamanism can help us find great power, but in the Other Reality is clear how individuality is an illusion, therefore the goal is the circulation of this power. Our soul is not alone, is not isolated, everything is connected and what really counts is the flow of power and consciousness all over these connections. 


Power must be channelled towards the realisation of the Dream that Highest Spirits give us. The shamanic way is a great search toward a deep meaning in life to discover and tune with the place that the universe gave us and its related Dream.

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