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The Jaguar Man - Artist unknown

Since the dawn of our time, men realised how many animals are in possess of power and vitality unknown to us. Our ancestors searched for a way to obtain those gifts and through the knowledge of the Other Reality and alliances with Spirits, they created rituals, special doors that allow us to enter in other worlds and provoke changes with the purpose to transform our lives.

Ancient men were living in a more fluid and connected world than that one our society proposes. They knew about the web of the universe that everything connect and they knew that the power that flow into the wires of the web is what creates the world. They could see that what we call individual is just an intersection of specific wires, but they discovered that changing the intersection of wires would synchronise the being with a different power. Moreover, refining the techniques, they learned how to connect with a specific intersection, with a specific power, that in our world pass through a specific animal. This is shapeshifting.

In this ritual the participants will learn how to enter into the Other Reality, how to reduce the focus on our identity in order to expand the consciousness, pass through a dismemberment and synchronise with a different power. The different power will provoke the transformation to the new shape.

The experience of transformation will leave an imprint in our being that it will transform accordingly our live. In fact our live is what we are and every transformation of our spirit and our body will result in a change in the life, in the situations the we encounter, the way we react, what we search, the people with whom we choose to have relationships, etc.

The shapeshifting is an important ritual for the modern Western people because it reconnects the person with the power of the animals, that is now ignored. It recreates ancient alliances that allowed our species to increase its possibilities, it reconnects with nature, its rhythm and its cycles. It permits us to rediscover a source of power that can nourish our lives, enriching them, bringing good health, new skills and new abilities, the capacity to react and win over difficult situations, an increased contact with the body through the physical power of the animal, less intellectual and rational then our.


As an indication of the work we are going to :

  • Start with the traditional greeting with the Spirits of the Four Directions

  • Learn breathing techniques that alter the consciousness to enter the Other Reality

  • Show the web of the universe and how it is possible to modify the point the we perceive

  • Enter in contact with the flow of power that passes through us and one of its sources

  • Encounter Spirit Helpers and Spirits of the Nature around us that will be guides during the phases of the ritual

  • Learn how to dip our consciousness in the flow and how to let our identity dissolve

  • Introduce the power of some animals and how they can be useful in the situations that we need to face in our daily lives

  • Create with our hands tools that help us to connect with the power of a specific animal

  • Do the complete shapeshifting after the sunset, when in the dark the doors with the Other Reality naturally open

  • Learn how to dance the animal with which happened the shapeshifting in order to increase the connection with its power and, therefore, increase the change in our lives

  • Give indications on how to perform the ritual alone, to shape shift again with the animal, once back at home

Part of the program is secret and it will be revealed step by step during the ritual.

The ritual is open to everybody, even those that do not have previous shamanic experience.

Date, time, place

The ritual will take place in the community of Ppauw in Wageningen.

We will meet at 10 o’ clock of the morning of Saturday 14 April 2018.

During the day we will do the necessary preparation, with exercises and other practices that will teach the participant how to do the shapeshifting. In the night the main ritual will take place. The following morning there will be a sharing session, where everybody will be invited to speak in order to let the power circulate into the group and it will be the place to translate and understand the visions that occurred during the ritual.

The ritual will finish at 13 o’clock of Sunday 15 April 2018.

Cost of the ritual

The compensation fee that we require to participate to the Shapeshifting is of 90 Euros. There are not additional costs (food and accommodation are included).

Part of the money raised will be given to the Association “Il Tamburo dello Sciamano” involved in the preservation of the Shuar tradition, peak of the shamanism. Another part will benefit the new born community of Shaman’s Nature.

How to subscribe

The easiest way to subscribe is to send an email to:

To subscribe you are required to send a deposit of 30 euros before the 8 of April 2018, through the following PayPal account:

The ritual will be conducted by Marco Tuna Daldoss Pirri, shamanic healer of the Shuar tradition, who has been apprentice of the Uwishin (Shuar shaman) Francesco Tsunki De Giorgio for many years.

A following email will be sent to those who subscribed, with the necessary informations on how to prepare for the ritual and what to bring.

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