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Contacting the souls of the body organs and connecting with them to understand their wishes and the powers they bring in our lives

A Peruvian shaman travels through the sky guided by a magic mushroom and sees inside the bodies of the birds.

Our Western culture mainly focuses on mind, head and rational thinking. As a consequence, the rest of our body has been given a machine-like role and is no longer central in our awareness.

Our elders, in their wisdom, used sentences such as “My Heart is telling me…” or “His liver is full of anger!”. They were expressing the feelings, emotions, wishes of the organs of the body. In fact, Shamans of most traditions have always known that each of our organs has its own soul. Contrary to what most religions claim - that we only have one indivisible soul - Shamans experience that we have many! But we have lost the connection with them and their distinct Powers.

The souls of our body work like an orchestra: the main consciousness, the one that says “I”, is the director, while all the instruments are played by the several souls that dwell in, or run through, our body. You can imagine what would happen if a director didn’t have any musicians: no music! In the same way, our self-centred perspective causes our lives to be void and sterile, banishing the influence and needs of the different souls.

Workshop overview

In this workshop we will learn how to silence our minds to reconnect to the souls of the organs of the body, by using special techniques. We will experience how each organ manages a different aspect of our lives and how to activate the proper soul when a given Power is required. In this way, we'll be able again to hear the voice of each soul and we'll break free from the one-sidedness of our mind. As we are to experience, repressing the soul of an organ can cause the malfunction of the organ itself, which will turn into disease, if prolonged. Restoring the connection to our souls is the first step to the healing of our organs and our lives, and it will make forgotten Powers available again.

Most importantly, participants will learn how to check other people's organs and discover any possible unbalance. They will visit each other and will be able to talk to the other person's organ's souls, in an altered state of consciousness. During the shamanic visit, they will learn what kind of problems the souls complain for. You will also learn some simple techniques to restore a compromised balance.

Event Details


  • will be introduced to the Shuar culture where everyday life is completely intertwined with the shamanic practice, and we’ll see how they influence each other;

  • will learn the central role of Shuar myths and how myths bring a power of old into our lives;

  • will learn breathing techniques, which change our perception of the world, such as the ancient “7 cycles breathing";

  • will practice together a first shamanic exercise, in which we will identify where our consciousness is located inside the body and learn how to move it to other areas;

  • will practice some shamanic techniques to expand our consciousness to the entire body and outside of it, to the natural environment;

  • will learn the distinctive Power of each organ of the body;

  • will learn how to contact the soul of a specific organ in order to grasp its Power when this is needed in a given circumstance;

  • will learn how to visit the soul of an organ of another person in order to help them restore their balance and increase their personal power.

Date and Time

The workshop will start on Saturday, 24th October, 10:00 AM, with the main ritual taking place in the evening. We will meet online again the next morning, on Sunday, 25th October, at 10AM until approximately 1:00PM.

Location and Joining Fees

This is an online event. The joining fee is €150.

The workshop will be held by the Shuar Shaman Francesco Tsunki with his apprentice Marco Tuna.

Please note that this event will be guided entirely online, but you will be required to stay in a safe and personal space, where nobody will have the chance to disturb you!


For further information please contact Marco Tuna

Mobile: +49 1722758674


Animo y fuerza

Tsunki and Tuna

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