(TSUNKI; MAY 6, 2020)

Transcription of Tsunki's video "Martens and Pandemic"

Buenas tardes,

well, the Covid-19 thing is going as we wanted, right?! The ones who got the disease develop immunity, thus they do not get it again, despite those people who argued the opposite. Of course, the disease is weakening with the Summer and with the heat. The virus is weakening as we wanted, as we figured earlier. Of course, as we predicted, governments are claiming credit for success, saying that it is consequence of their containment policies, of their lockdown.

Obviously, this no es verdad – it is not true at all – because in Sweden, where almost nothing has been closed, and where the Summer is arriving much later, the virus is going away all the same.

There is more, now the WHO just said that…. Okay, WHO is a discredited organisation and nothing more than a private company, and he WHO pays the fiddler calls the tune, you know! Anyway, WHO is now saying that Sweden is a model to follow for a return to normality. Despite of that they all were attacking Sweden a few weeks ago because it did not shut down it all as everyone else. The fact is that Sweden is staying outside important international circuits, let’s say, it has a life a bit apart from everything. It is in the European Union, but it hasn’t adopted the Euro. So, being outside it can do as it likes, and it does not feel the pressure from other countries to approve the shared conduct based on draconian measures.

This is a proof of what this old Uwishin [Shuar shaman] has always been saying, namely that much milder measures would have still done the trick, we only had to be sure to give special attention to risk categories, whilst inducing people to get infected slowly so as to develop immunity.

Okay, the epidemic is anyway weakening now. Caritas [an Italian charity organisation] has just declared that the economic crisis could cause more deaths among the poor than the epidemic itself. Don’t tell me, really!? Did they notice it now? If you followed my videos you already know it; this thing has been said by the old Uwishin from the beginning. The lockdown was a total nonsense because it will cause more deaths due to the economic downturn than those that would have been saved from the Coronavirus. I don’t even think they have been spared. All these measures were not necessary. However, asì es, we are happy with the achievement and we also let governments get credits for their lockdown. We are happy that in any case our negotiation has gone well, the Pantheress has agreed to go to sleep, let's say, to doze willingly, as comes natural for her with a warmer climate and we are all happy.

But now let's be careful, we should not go abruptly back to normal life because we would risk all the same; the Pantheress, as the other visions pointed out, is still ready to roar. There is a risk of a second wave.

This seems a little contradictory to what I said before, namely the lockdown in these terms was not necessary. No, it was not necessary, but since it has been done, thus, having all been locked up, you are all weak in front of the epidemic. From a medical perspective it can be said that you have not developed immunity. You have been locked in, so if you come out suddenly, you’ll take chances that the pantheress will attack you while you’re defenceless.

After having closed everything abruptly, one should reopen slowly and gradually. Be careful, this is the most dangerous phase. I was telling a story (that you find in another video) of two people who were locked up scared in their houses because a Pantheress was prowling outside in the jungle. They were not used to the jungle and out was a Pantheress! Do you remember that story?

Suddenly, one of them can no longer stay locked in, he goes out happily, but he is inattentive. He’ s not on guard, and the Panther attacks and tears him apart. After all, the Pantheress was still dozing there, she was no longer in sight, but she was still there. The other guy, on the other hand, comes out attentive and watchful, he is careful of the Panther, but he does not watch where he steps and a poisonous snake bites and kills him.

So, let's be careful, you only have to resume your normal life step by step. Now I have had other encounters with the Pandemic’s Spirit, but I will tell you about them in another video. Now I wanted to make these recommendations and I’m also going to answer some questions, because someone asked me how a shaman can change things on a large scale.

So, as we have already said, a main way to do it is a negotiation. But I cannot explain how the negotiation is done, as it is based on secrecy. If I reveal how we negotiate, I’ll damage the ongoing negotiation and I’ll damage future negotiations too, because other spirits will no longer rely on my discretion. Therefore, the ways a shaman deal with powerful, big Spirits, like those of an epidemic or a pandemic, are only taught by a shaman to a shaman-to-be, in an apprenticeship. They cannot be disclosed to the public, or they would lose efficacy.

However, in order to know how to change the future, I must first know what is going to happen; I need to know it at least roughly. As I said before, a shaman knows it, but we are not clairvoyants, our aim is not to see the future, our aim is to change the future. But just to change it you need to know a little of it. How do we know this? I have already said that I cannot prove that I knew of an epidemic outbreak one year in advance, but those who have eyes can see.

Last year, as I said, for the first time, I organised circles and advanced meetings, requiring blood offerings. They were meetings only reserved to advanced students; one was even called the Blood Bath. Bloodbaths are actually wars and epidemics! These are the bloodbaths in history. Only these ones: wars and epidemics.

I held a meeting reserved to advanced students called bloodbath and I published it [on the web] for the first time. I even published this event in our newsletter, which is sent to a couple of thousand people, although only a few people were allowed to join. And they were notified directly. Why did I promote it publicly? I wanted to send a signal!

You see, I later did the Sun Dance, calling it for the first time the Sun Dance, which was done prior to wars, but this epidemic was experienced as a war. And I introduced a blood offering for the first time in the Dance. Blood offering is needed because blood is expected to be shed and therefore it is an apotropaic sacrifice: I’m spilling blood right now, so I won't have to spill it later.

I made my students shed blood to protect them against the epidemic that was on its way, both to protect them against the infection - no one has fallen sick so far - and to protect them from the consequences of the epidemic. Those are more insidious, such as economic and social consequences. Here we go! Whoever wants to see will see.

But how does a shaman know in advance that there will be an epidemic outbreak? Hum, first of all, he or she must really be a shaman. Sorry if I insist on this point, but it’s quite fundamental. A shaman is only one who’s undergone a specific training under a native shaman or under a direct apprentice of a native shaman, thus one of the second generation, and has been given the shaman's powers by this native shaman. Otherwise, it’s just talk!

Currently one can go to South America and look for a cunning shaman who appoints him as a shaman in a few days, because they have found what Westerners want and the give them what they want. No es verdad! No es realidad! It's nothing real, it's just fiction, but they get money and the Westerner will go home happy. It is now a mockery. Shamanic training takes many years, all the time under one only shaman. If you move from one shaman to another, it shows that when you no longer like the teachings of a master, you are looking for another one that has more appropriate teachings for you, but you have skipped the more challenging ones. Thus, you take only what suits you. No! you must learn and practise under one only master!

Then, true shamans get precise messages about what’s going to happen to their community. It’s not just about my small community, but about the whole environment in which my territory is located. My territory is of course Italy and Italian Switzerland. Messages refer to all this territory because I am a shaman of this territory. Why do Spirits send messages to shamans?

Because a shaman has the necessary Power, in other words, he has Spirit Helpers who are strong enough to be able to change things, to be able to deal with Spirits of an epidemic. Other people cannot do it because they do not have sufficient Power, which means: their spirits do not have sufficient Power. But how does this information reach a shaman? Do we have a chat with Spirits over a glass of wine? Did they say to me: next year a Coronavirus will arrive? No, eventually it's not like that. Do we get dreams about this? Hum, sometimes we do, but that’s not the main message.

Main messages arrive as visions happening in this reality. What is a vision happening in this reality?

Hum, it is a real event that happens here, in this world, but which is a vision in the same time. It is what ancient peoples referred to as a sign. It is like when someone decides to start a new venture and sees an eagle catching a rabbit, then he thinks this is a sign that his venture will be successful. There is such an example in the Iliad itself. There is even a discussion as to whether the sign was a positive or negative one, depending on how the eagle was interpreted. So, in this case, I could know about the epidemic for various reasons. One of these was that some animals fell into my chimney. What does it mean?

One night, I was sitting in my living room and it was very windy outside. Suddenly, I heard screams, howls coming from the chimney hood. At first, I thought it was the wind, but then the screams became clearly similar to cries of animals. I realised that some animals had fallen into the chimney. The fire was out, but the flue’s end is narrow. It has a draft which is a tilting thing, a tilting plate. Of course, the animal must put it vertically to be able to go through, otherwise it cannot slip into it. There sounded to be at least two beasts howling and trying to get through. Then, of course, I figured they had to be martens. Why martens?

I knew I had martens on the roof, martens (or beech martens, to be exact!) love to run on roofs. They had been there for some time and recently they must have had babies because those days I was hearing a lot of noise certainly due to the cubs running like mad on the tiles.

So, I thought that wild animals would scare when finding themselves in a living room as they’d never been indoors earlier, and they could cause a disaster. Among other things, I have various small objects of power, some of them are fragile and are in the living room. If you look behind me, you can see some on the bookcase. They could destroy them. So, I made a corridor to channel the martens once they would come out the chimney, hoping that they would make it. In order to channel them, I built a corridor with boxes, panels and other things. The corridor led directly to the veranda which then opened onto the garden. So, why do I tell this?

Afterwards, two small martens actually came out; they were very scared. They didn't even understand that they had to use the corridor. I saw that they were cubs, they were not dangerous, dangerous in the sense that they could cause damage. They were very afraid, and I thought of removing the corridor as it wasn't so useful, and I managed to direct them myself towards the exit. But shortly after I heard other screams coming from the fireplace. There were other martens! Ok! But it was getting very late and I was afraid that in any case they could cause damages in the living room, if they couldn’t go out of the house. Neither could I leave the windows open, as the mother would possibly come in. The mother was roaming around in fact. She did not dare to come in with me there. The mother was quite big and was wandering in the garden. It was necessary to close doors and windows.

So, I took the spark screen and put it in front of the fireplace and tied it with a string, so that if another little cub stuck in the barrel came out, he would remain in the fireplace. I went to sleep. Around 5 - 5:30 am I heard howling again; I went down and found these two other cubs in the fireplace. Here we go, you can see them.

[A picture of the martens in the chimney and a video are shown]

Here we go! The photo is not so good because it is taken with the mobile at night without turning on the light. Anyway, beech marten cubs are cute, aren't they? Nonetheless they predict an epidemic outbreak: an epidemic deadly for a number of people.

These cubs were actually really scared, and I had to take them by the scruff and put them out. The mother had gone away because of being tired of waiting for them, so they wandered around the garden a while and then disappeared. Why am I saying they predicted an epidemic outbreak?

Hum, a shaman can say it because shamans know how to read visions and, in this case, they know the language of Spirits too. You normally need to know the language of Spirits to read visions. You see… In the language of the Pásuk, shaman’s Spirit Helpers, marten translates Ninkilim, which is a generic term referring to mongoose, ferret, weasel, stoat, marten, beech marten, all that kind of animals. Beech marten would be Ninkilimkiriba; it is called beech marten because they love to live on the foliage of beeches… or on the roofs of houses.

What do we care that ninkilim means marten in the language of spirits? Fact is that niğgilim, the same word, means epidemic too. Why? There is no reason, it’s just a chance. They are two similar words for different reasons, as pèsca means a fruit in Italian, while pésca is the act of fishing. The two words are casually the same. Now someone sceptical would say, well this one here made it up that marten means epidemic too, that the same word means epidemic.

No, I didn't make it up. Spirit’s language is similar to Sumerian, it is something I discovered after I had been studying Spirit’s language for long. If I’d found it out earlier, it’d have been better, I’d have needed less effort. It is not the same as Sumerian, however many words are quite similar and have same meanings. If you google Sumerian, you should be able to find something in the web, you will find that mongoose, a beast very similar to marten, which are easily confused with, is niğgilim in Sumerian. You can also find that niğgilim also means epidemic in that language. Check it out! You will verify it.

There so, the vision predicted the epidemic outbreak because in the vision you notice first of all that the marten cubs fell into the chimney. In fact, in visions concerning health, children or cubs mean diseases, therefore diseases due to the epidemic. Then there is the chimney, the fireplace. A fireplace represents the heart in visions, it warms up the house. The house is your body, the heart warms up your body, like the hearth - or fireplace - warms up your house. Chimney brings air to the fireplace, so it allows the heart to breath. Therefore, it represents the respiratory tract.

So, marten cubs trapped in the chimney are a disease coming from the epidemic, which remains closed inside the respiratory tract, which means, that it affects the respiratory tract. This was the prophecy. The martens are four, therefore the disease would last four months: February, March, April, May. Here we go! There it is!

The other things which happened that night belong to the vision too, but I’ll leave you the pleasure of interpreting them, like the corridor I had built, then dismantled, then when I closed the fireplace with the screen to keep the cubs inside. You can try to interpret them yourself, maybe write your interpretations on our Youtube channel, our forum or blog, where you prefer, but in public, please, not in private.

Then someone may want to ask me if even normal people who are not shamans can receive this kind of visions. Hum, yes and no.

First of all, I received this vision at the end of March 2019, I don't remember if I have already said it. At that time, I was asking for visions for Italy and this was the answer I got.

This was one of the answers, because I received others too. Can it happen to other people too? Yes, of course, but normally visions will concern your individual or family life.

Shamans are given visions for their entire community or their community of reference. I turn to all of Italy and Italian Switzerland and therefore I receive visions about Italy and Italian Switzerland. Instead, personal visions may come to non-shamans. They can warn you that you’re going to get sick, but not that that a disease will affect all of your country. They can refer to your family too, so, that someone in your family will get sick. This can happen if one has a relationship with Spirits cultivated over time; this type of visions can come. If needed, we'll talk about them again in another video. That's enough for now.

Gracias a todo el mundo

Buenas Tarde


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