Tsunki; April 7, 2020 - Transcription of Tsunki's video

Buenas noches,

I decided to give this Circle [shamanic workshop] focused on Fear, because the fear that people are experiencing in this pandemic is excessive and, when I said this, many started accusing me to be insensitive to the suffering of people.

That’s not about it, I’ve had two pneumonias in the past thirteen years, plus I could be in an exposed age range, so I could be at risk if I got sick with this Coronavirus. I could even not come out of it and I also know how it feels to be sick. I have been sick in the lungs which is just the thing ... one of the worst things, because lungs are the seat of life and they experience the terror of death. [In shamanic traditions, lungs are considered to be the part of our soul which senses the fear of dying]

And also, I got my first pneumonia in the Australian desert, when I was questing for a Vision of Power and I happened to spend a night in the desert, without even a blanket; it is extremely cold in the desert, at night, therefore you really feel "El frio de la Muerte" - "The chill of Death". So, I know it well.

Many years ago, I was bitten by a snake, I was close to death. I had been sick for two months, then I wasn’t certain I would recover the use of a leg. In fact, nerves could have been injured and, anyway, I’d had no medical treatment, the infirmary was too far away, I would have died before getting there.

So I was treated by the natives, with herbs.

Just to say I know the fear of death and I know how afraid you are in the Jungle, which is full of dangers. The Jungle is full of any sort of terrible dangers.

Snakebite was the highest cause of male mortality at the time; because they’ d go hunting.

Yet our fear here, in front of this virus ... is excessive.

And it is clear that for those who get sick, or worse, for their relatives, this disease is quite a tragedy, of course. But a cancer is too! Yet people aren’t this afraid of a cancer. There is an atavistic fear of epidemics that catches people off guard and scares the hell out of them.

Epidemics are present in the jungle too.

I spent some time in Macas during a Dengue epidemic; Dengue is a fever much more terrible than Coronavirus. People were very afraid, yes, of course, but not too much and they continued their usual lives. Why so?

Some offices got closed, as they get during severe epidemics, but most people kept going to work and lockdowns were prevented. There wasn’t such a terror as to lock down the whole world and scare the hell out of people. The governments didn’t get people to give up all of their freedoms, to accept the suppression of any kind of civil liberties, of leisure, of everything, however strong the fear was at that time too!

Now this is a fear out of control. A fear out of control is a dangerous challenge.

First off, fear is strictly necessary in the jungle. Strictly necessary because you’re confronted with a lot of challenges in the jungle; you need to be a little afraid. As a child you have to learn to be afraid of cobras, or other poisonous snakes, otherwise you’d start playing with a snake and you won't even become an adult.

On the contrary we live in an extremely protected world. And in an extremely protected world, reckless people who are afraid of nothing live usually better lives, than those who are too fearful.

The reason is simple: fear has something like a scent and in fact our body odour will change [when you are afraid]; animals can smell it. If you happen to face a vicious beast and it smells your fear... it’ll attack you. If you don't smell like fear... it won’t attack you.

The beast smells your body odour. It will attack you because you being afraid means that you are weak. And if you are weak ... you are an easy prey. On the other hand, if you are not afraid then you may be dangerous.

All animals make this argument - let's call it an argument – and it’s an automatic one.

One of the secrets of Shamanism is that misfortunes, adversities, diseases, are like beasts in the jungle, they behave quite the same way; it's very simple.

What does it mean? It means that if they sense you’re afraid they’ll attack you.

Look carefully: very fearful people often live unfortunate lives. Their businesses regularly go wrong, and often even real misfortunes can strike them, because these people are fearful and therefore, they attract all predators.

Predators sense their weakness and attack them.

So, noticing that people are excessively fearful should immediately trigger a wake-up call, because this attracts bad luck.

And why are people too fearful?

It isn’t their fault; it depends on the life that each one has had. They are too scared because they are not used to being afraid.

We live in an extremely protected world - I said it - where children do not even get their knees peeled anymore, because when riding a bicycle they are harnessed like astronauts and they cannot be left alone, not even five minutes, otherwise their parents will be accused of child abandonment.

When I was a child, I fell from a tree I had climbed on in a park, after school - there was a sort of school that also lasted in the afternoon - together with a fellow, we both fell and he, who was fatter , heavier, broke his leg. I too hurt myself but nothing serious.

What if today a child breaks a leg, while being at school with an educator, with an educator in a park? A parliamentary question would probably arise!

There are no dangers left in our world, almost nothing, but me, an old annoying shaman, I have been saying it for many years! A world where there are no dangers is dangerous, in reality, paradoxically, a world without dangers is dangerous, because as soon as a real danger arrives, even if not a serious one, people will go crazy, they’ll fell prey of fear. And in fact, that's what's going on, isn't it?

People are too protected, too spoiled, accustomed to a very peaceful situation and, therefore, the first danger risks undermining everything.

I know that it sounds nice to live an extremely protected life, with no danger whatsoever! And whoever comes to tell you that - I have been saying it for years - that you have to get ready because this is not so good, you’ll take this suggestion for a big nuisance. Like the old medieval monks who’d repeat to people : "remember that you must die", well I am enjoying myself and you come to say to me "remember that you must die" ? ... Why, bite me! they could answer!

Of course, though, if one lives peacefully, laying by the pool, spending his life doing nothing and eating tasty dishes, because they can afford it, I feel the need to say that, however, they will get sick; they’ll undergo liver pain, high blood pressure, rheumatisms, several muscle and joint disorders... they should eat better, a little healthier, a little less and get active and exercise.

It's kind of the same thing that’s happening to our modern world, and this Coronavirus is a cry of alarm. All people panicked, even rulers did… or so it seems.

That’s what happened in some countries... in Italy, in Italian Switzerland, whilst other countries have remained more balanced; Europe has been very infected, but not infected with Coronavirus, infected with fear. Infected with fear!

But how come? I said it, fear isn't actually an enemy itself, is it? Fear is an ally, because you need to be afraid, in the jungle. You must be kind of afraid, because fear keeps you from getting into serious dangers, to some extent; because there are many dangers there.

But then how about people living in the jungle, who have many reasons to be afraid, are they very unlucky? No, they are not, because they keep fear under control; they are afraid but not too much. This is precisely because they live in a dangerous world, so they are used to being afraid.

You see, fear has a weak point, you get used to being afraid and you also get sick of being afraid.

Now in Lugano, until a week ago, you’d see nobody in the streets, there was a desert. Now, there are traffic jams again, there is a lot of coming and going of people.

Yet people are still afraid of Coronavirus, they are still afraid of it, yes. It emerges from the interviews with newspapers, nonetheless they’re also getting used to being afraid, to living in fear. This is an interesting weak point of fear. You get used to fear and, when you get used to it, it ... weakens.

There is another good thing, in a time of general terror, like now, fear ... manifests itself.

What do I mean by this? That fear has its strength in living in the shadows, doesn’t it? I said that when I met the Spirit of the epidemic ... it looked like a female panther, a Pantheress. A pantheress lives in the shadows, you can't see her, because she moves at night and she’s black and prowls silently. You can't sight her.

We are often afflicted by many fears that we don’t see, but that spread like a smell. Beasts smell them and attack us. We don't see anything. We don't even know what’s going on, often one is not even aware of being afraid, but our current challenge is bringing fear out into the light.

Often you aren’t aware of being scared… maybe because you’re ashamed of being scared and this helps fear staying hidden. Because you are ashamed of your fears, you hide them from yourself. You can't even see them, they are in the shadows, you avoid thinking about them and the longer they stay in the shadows... the stronger they become.

Once a woman said to me…. She was a young, healthy woman, she had no relatives in risk categories, so she was not afraid of Coronavirus, but she read so many headlines on newspapers, so many scaring headlines, that she started panicking! At some point, she read a headline – and a bloated one - which aroused a sense of fear in her, but then she said: "I paused and I realised that that was no fear of mine, I thought to be afraid of the Virus but I wasn’t. Actually, that headline awoke another fear of mine, which lied inside me, I sensed it and chalked it up to the virus". That’s something very true. Fear is like a smell, I said, and it spreads like a smell, moves from one thing to another.

Currently the Coronavirus is attracting all the fears you may have and they all merge into the fear of the epidemic; because this is a fear socially accepted, even socially enhanced, socially encouraged.

All fears you are ashamed of are merging in this Big Fear. But, this is a chance: it is a chance because fear is coming out into the light. You can track back fear, track back the Pantheress and see where your fear actually is from.

You may be afraid of Coronavirus but, actually, your fear is from another part, from another thing that you’ve never noticed before and which instead is what keeps attracting bad luck into your life.

This is a very favourable time. Here’s another shamanic secret we said in another video: "Good is hidden in evil and evil is hidden in good".

A gift is hidden inside the misfortune of the Pandemic and in the misfortune of the big, excessive fear, ... That fear is coming out into the light right now. You can track it and understand which fear it is, you can expose it and find out its real identity in your life and finally you’ll be able to win it.

That's a very good thing and that's why I’m going to give this Circle [shamanic workshop], right now, with no delay; I’m giving it on short notice, just because I must do it before people get too used to fear, before fear goes down, before the lockdown is over, before people calm down, because this is the time when Fear is visible and it can be ... fought and won.

As, I repeat again, the people of this society, of modern Europe especially, are much too fearful.

This is not just an individual danger. Not only does Fear lure vicious beasts bringing bad luck, business being bad etc. into your life, into mine, at individual level. Fear does that, but not only that. When so many people are scared, when they make fear spread amongst people, it becomes a social fear... and then bigger beasts will arrive!

Bigger beasts arrive, who can take advantage of this to upset people's lives. During a state of fear, for instance, personal freedoms are challenged and today there are many forces eager to suppress our civil liberties.

Totalitarian regimes would establish themselves in situations of generalised fear.

In Italy in the early 1920s, there were hard street clashes… no pandemic in those years, but there had been one few years earlier! There had been the Spanish flu... it was very serious. Just after the WWI… a very serious one.

The people, therefore, felt very buffeted; because, after the war, there had been an epidemic a hundred times more serious than this one, because it also affected young and healthy people. Actually, it mainly affected young and healthy people! A terrible thing was the Spanish flu.

We don’t even know how many deaths in the world it was responsible of, possibly fifty to one hundred million, and therefore ... In Italy it killed less than one million, but it is a huge figure, if compared to the coronavirus deaths.

And there had been the WWI, and there had been the Spanish pandemic, there were violent clashes between supporters of Bolshevism - as it was called – i.e., Communism, and the fascists who opposed it. Russian revolution had just happened.

Many were afraid of a Bolshevik revolution - as they called it - in Italy; in such a climate of fear, even the King - Head of State - the King was afraid and gave the government to Mussolini.

Mussolini did not take the government by force; he took it through fear.

So, fear is a time when personal freedoms can disappear because people can be willing to give them up.

You see that people have already given up a lot of freedoms during the lockdown, and if a state of fear is prolonged or repeated, they can convince people that it is appropriate to suppress freedoms for the common good.

Fear, I repeat, is very dangerous and there are also many other dangers related to fear, at this historical juncture , which I’m not going to tell in this video - I'll talk about them in another video - but it's time, in my opinion, to try to help everyone overcome fear, in order to be stronger and, therefore, not to fall prey to beasts, neither in your private life nor in public life.

Here we go. And here we will stop, for now.

Gracias a todo el Mundo.

Buenas noches.


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