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Shaman's Nature is a shamanic community built from the foundations of the knowledge, consciousness and wisdom  of one of the strongest shamanic traditions still alive: that of the Amazonian Shuar People.


In Shaman's Nature people can find healing, guidance, or simply  share their interest in shamanism, traditional cultures and nature. 



In an historic period in which our society is losing its roots, old principles and values, replaced by the neoliberalism era that promoted business and economy as new gods, we believe that ancient traditions with their knowledge play an extremely important role. They developed it for thousands of years according to the wisdom of the forces of nature and the contact with other realities.


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Shamans do not believe  in the world of spirits, nor do they believe in materialistic statements. Shamans just experience the world of spirits from whom they receive knowledge, power and healing for themselves and for the community.


“What really counts can be said in only ten words.”

(A Lakota Sacred man)

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My name is Marco Tuna Daldoss Pirri, I have been apprentice of the Uwishín (Shuar Shaman) Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio since 2010, who in turn has been apprentice of the Uwishín  Vicente Júa and officially became Shaman in the year 2001.

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